How it Works

The Acton (Metrowest) chapter of I to I has two semesters, one in Fall (September – January) and one in Winter (February – June). Each semester runs for 16 weeks, following the Acton school calendar.


Classes are not held during the summer, but informal free-play dates (usually playground meetups) are scheduled by the program coordinator/president.

I to I holds up to three sessions, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and each meets from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church, located at 435 Central Street in Acton.


There is a limit of 12 families per session, but families may enroll multiple siblings, so class size actually varies between 12 and 16 children. 

The Gift of Time

I to I does not hire or pay staff. Instead, the program relies on its member parents to contribute a modest "gift of time" to help run and enhance the program. Parent involvement is paramount to the program and more importantly to creating a positive classroom experience for your child.

On an average, each family contributes about ten hours each sixteen week semester, serving as day assistants, in which they help to run weekly sessions; attending two general meetings a semester and either volunteering for a leadership position or choosing another semester long job such as photographer or scholastic librarian. More detailed information about day to day operations and semester volunteer jobs is in the drop down menu above.

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