A Typical Semester at I to I


The following list includes events that take place throughout the semester that are in addition to a typically structured day.


Orientation is held prior to the start of the fall semester and every member is required to attend. Orientation is an opportunity to meet all the members of the semester, learn more about what your role for I to I will be and answer any questions you may have.

Parent Meeting

We have one member meeting each semester. Members are strongly encouraged to attend, since major decisions, such as the distribution of program funds, are made at this time. This is also an opportunity to get to know parents from other days and discuss concerns with identifying member parents.

Members will be given advance notice when important issues will be voted on at a general meeting. The majority vote of members in attendance at, or prior to, the meeting decides the matter. If a member parent cannot attend the meeting, they need only reply to the president in advance of the meeting with their vote.


Moms' Nights Out

There are two MNO each semester planned by the member with the social coordinator semester job. These events are usually very popular and past nights have included socializing at member houses, painting nights, dinner at a restaurant, potlucks, a fashion truck, etc.


Each class holds brunch once a semester in lieu of their discussion time. The brunch is an opportunity for adult members to discover new recipes and discuss how the semester is going, in a fun and informal way. During the brunch, the Day Coordinators review new business and address members' class-related concerns.

Messy Day          

Each semester, the children have a messy day where the craft of the day involves something fun for the children to get a little messy or dirty. The children love a chance to utilize this sensory type of play.

Field Trips

There are two field trips planned each semester outside of the typical I to I day. Members holding the field trip coordinator positions plan these after coordinating with the group for the best dates and suggested field trip locations.

Work Party
A work party is held at the end of each semester and all members are required to attend. At the end of the semester, the work party cleans and organizes the toys for the next semester, throws out old or broken toys, determines what needs to be replaced and develops a wish list. At the end of the spring semester, all toys and supplies need to be stored in the upstairs closet so that the classrooms can be used by other organizations over the summer. The work party is a chance for a fresh start to every semester, as well as an opportunity to meet members from other days and have fun with each other.

Holiday Party and Family Day
During the month of December families get together on a weekend day for a potluck style Holiday Party.  There are activities planned for the children that includes crafts, story time, sing-a-longs and is a fun time for all.  Family Day is held at the end of the spring semester and is traditionally an outdoor potluck with games and activities for the kids.  It is a nice way to wrap up the year and socialize with all the families.

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