A Typical Day at I to I

I to I follows a schedule that mixes structure with flexibility, providing educational opportunities while encouraging creativity. Singing songs between activities helps signal day transitions and provide order. A typical day looks like this:

9:00am - Arrival and Free/Interactive Play

An opportunity to see your child as an individual and to watch how they interact with other children and adults. During this time, children learn by playing, painting or just bouncing around. This is an opportunity to learn and practice the concepts of sharing, patience, cooperation, and listening.

9:40am - Clean up Time

While singing the "clean up" song, parents encourage children to pick up after themselves and return toys to their designated shelves and bins.

9:45am - Snack/Announcement Time

Member parents help the children wash up and help distribute snacks purchased by I to I. While the children are quietly eating, the Day Assistant will open the floor for announcements and to discuss member concerns.

10:00am - Rolling out the Rug and Circle Time

While singing the “Roll Out the Rug” song, member parents help the children unroll the carpet. Circle time usually opens with a hello song and ends with two rounds of Ring Around the Rosie that the kids love. Each member parent eventually takes a turn leading the children through the simple songs and story.

10:15am - Craft Time

Children go straight from circle time to a thematically based craft which is done with the help of the caregiver.

10:35am - Free Play/Discussion

Parents serving as day assistants supervise free play, while remaining parents participate in a discussion led and monitored by alternating member parents. Children are given an opportunity to use the riding toys, push shopping carts, bowl or take turns on the indoor slide. This is a good time to help ease parent/child separation anxiety. I to I highly recommends a quick goodbye and allowing Day Assistants to judge if and when the parent should return for a child during discussion. If you are called out of discussion, please invite an assistant to take your place in discussion. 

11:15am - Clean up Time/Roll up the Rug Time
While singing the “clean up” song, parents encourage children to clean up after themselves and return smaller toys to their designated shelves and bins and riding toys to the closet. The rug is also rolled up by children accompanied by a song at this time.  

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